Celebrating 1 Year: Introducing Barrel Reserve Gin

//Celebrating 1 Year: Introducing Barrel Reserve Gin

It’s our first birthday this month! To celebrate, we’re announcing our first new product release!

Barrel Aged Gin Kansas CityIn our first year, we’ve had our hands full just keeping up with demand for our Bright Gin and Vodka while working on filling whiskey barrels. We’ve missed the experimentation and process of creation that made us fall in love with the tradition of distilling in the first place! That’s one reason we’re so excited to be officially announcing our extremely limited release of Barrel Reserve Gin!

We’ll be releasing it January 12th, but you can reserve a bottle now!

“Barrel Reserve Gin? Never Heard Of It…”

Let us try to paint a picture to explain why we’re so excited about this particular experiment. It all begins with the barrels.

See, the barrels started their lives aging 100% Missouri corn bourbon for our friends at Wicket & Peg. Once that bourbon was bottled, the barrels went to our neighbors at KC Wineworks, where they were used to age the Crossroads Apfel Reserve cider.

We took two of those barrels and filled them with our Bright Gin back in May. After sampling it a couple months later, we decided we needed to fill a few more barrels…

So, What’s It Like?

What do you get when you combine our Bright Gin with those barrels? The rich, vanilla and caramel notes of bourbon. A hint of sweet apple flavor from the cider. That combination pulls forward some of the background notes in our Bright Gin – in particular, the warmth of cinnamon and cardamom.

The result is a beautifully rich and warm spirit with the same smoothness you’ve come to expect in our other spirits, mellowed even further by its time spent in these barrels.

When I’m contemplating what I’d like to drink, I tend to gravitate toward gin, whiskey, and (if I want something a little lighter) cider. Amber Gin is a marriage of the best of those three worlds. Whether you prefer gin or whiskey, you’ll find something here that you enjoy.

What Do You Do With Barrel-Aged Gin?

First, just sip it neat or on a bit of ice. If you can do so next to a fireplace with friends on a cold night, it’s highly recommended, but not required.

If you prefer your liquor in a cocktail, we’ve done a bit of testing there as well. (Quite a bit of testing, in fact. Gotta be sure it’s good..!). Barrel Reserve Gin actually stands up really well as a replacement for either gin or whiskey in many of our favorite cocktails.

Swing by the tasting room for inspiration, or experiment for yourself at home! It makes a beautiful Old Fashioned, turns your Gin and Tonic into a rich, wintery drink, and adds a layer of depth to the Martinez, Last Word, and a variety of other cocktails.

 How Do I Get It?

We’re taking reservations for bottles now! We’re only going to have a bit over 600 bottles available for sale, so you’re going to want to get on the list. Two ways to do that…

Reserve a Bottle Online

Want to be absolutely sure you get one of these bottles? You can reserve one online right now! Once we finish bottling, we’ll send you an email letting you know your order is ready for pickup!

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Come By The Tasting Room

Stop by the tasting room to learn more about Barrel Reserve Gin and reserve a bottle! You’ll get one of these cards, which will have the number of your specific bottle on it.

Barrel Reserve Gin

What’s Next?

You’ll be hearing a lot about Barrel Reserve Gin in the next few weeks. We’ll post some cocktail inspiration and some feedback from people who come in for a sample.

Next up… Absinthe. We’re waiting on the Feds to give us the green light on that green spirit, but it’ll be coming right on the heels of Barrel Reserve Gin.

Want to make sure you’re among the first to know about all of our upcoming products? Get your name on the email list below! In our second year, we’ll be getting back to our roots, releasing more and more of the experiments that inspire us (and, we hope, you).



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