Introducing Lifted Spirits Songwriter Sessions

//Introducing Lifted Spirits Songwriter Sessions

Introducing Lifted Spirits Songwriter Sessions

Music and spirits have a lot in common. Both are inherently communal – best enjoyed with a group of friends or loved ones. They bring people together. People bond over shared interests, and form loyalties to bands or spirits that can last a lifetime. They often play a part in the big celebrations and milestones in our lives. It’s no wonder they’re often enjoyed together.

If done right, music and spirits are also an expression of the creativity and passion of the people crafting them.

Art Takes Many Forms

We are in awe of any artist who can start with an idea, a feeling, or a vision and create something entirely from scratch that touches people’s lives, regardless of the medium. Songwriters, for instance, bring beautiful music into the world through nothing but raw creativity and talent (and an enormous amount of perseverance and dedication to their craft, which their fans never really see…).

We may be biased, but we think that crafting an exceptional spirit from scratch is an art. It takes years of dedication, practice, and passion. If you’re lucky (and talented), you end up with a spirit that brings people together. Something that’s lifted to toast the best moments in life. 

Kansas City DistilleryC’mon… It even looks like a musical instrument!

These commonalities, and our own love of music, spawned an idea. That idea turned into a series we’re calling the Lifted Spirits Songwriter Sessions.

Songwriter Sessions – Lifting Up Local Artists Creating Original Music

KC Live MusicEvery Wednesday night for the rest of the season, we’re bringing in a batch of local songwriters to perform from 6:30 until 10ish. Bring some friends and enjoy some original music (and spirits and cocktails) hand-crafted right here in Kansas City!

At the end of the series, we’ll release an album highlighting the best of the Songwriter Sessions so we can continue to lift up these talented artists!

Check out some highlights from the first Songwriter Sessions below, and join us Wednesdays at 6:30!


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