Introducing Our Experimental Spirit Series

//Introducing Our Experimental Spirit Series

Introducing Our Experimental Spirit Series

Distillery EventsYou guys keep volunteering to be taste testers. Well, now’s your chance!

Experimentation and creativity are at the core of who we are here at Lifted Spirits. There’s something really great about seeing people enjoy something new. You never get to try most of the experiments, but that’s about to change!

When our production team and bar team put their heads together, good things happen. They bring flavor combinations together in creative ways that are just too cool not to share. That’s why we decided to kick off our new Experimental Spirit Series, starting with two gorgeous new spirits!

Hugo Tea Spirit
Jalapeno Vodka

Introducing Jasmine Rooibos with Lemon (made with a tea blend from KC’s own Hugo Tea) and Jalapeño and Herb! These are the first two experiments we’re sharing. We’ll roll new experiments out periodically in very limited runs, and we want your input on them! The very best experiments may join the permanent lineup.

See, Smell, Taste, and Learn.

Stop by for one of our open house sessions to kick off this series! Sample these two new spirits and a bunch of other experiments and tell us what you think. We’ll have a bunch of the raw ingredients and various tinctures on hand for the full sensory experience.

We’ll tell you all about how we think about flavor, how we go about recipe development, and how we came up with some of our best, worst, and strangest experiments. We’ll even show you how to do some of your own experiments at home!


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