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Back when distilling was just a hobby that brought our families together,
every batch had a purpose – to celebrate this holiday or to mark that milestone.

We bring that same love and intention to every bottle we make and every glass we fill.
Whether you’re raising a glass at a wedding or enjoying an old favorite at home,
we’re glad we get a chance to play a small part in your story.
(Unless you make a scene -then we’ll deny ever meeting you…)

We’ve Been Accused of Over-Sharing…

A lot of places are very hush-hush about their “secret” processes and ingredients. Not us.
We’re all about transparency and authenticity. Why? Because we’re geeks who love to
geek out about what we love. Because we think the tradition and science of making spirits
are fascinating. Because distilling used to be something that brought people together,
and we think that sounds pretty cool.

100% from scratch, made from local grain.

Want to Know How It’s Made?
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How We Distill Our Spirits
(The Short Version)

Local Craft Distilling Process

About Lifted Spirits

Distillery, craft cocktails, and events in Kansas City’s East Crossroads. Spirits worthy of the people they bring together.

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